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The Mission of the Company

Our translation company aims at being the leader among regional translation agencies while rendering professional translation services and offering impeccable service to each Customer.

Our principle is quality on time!

Our translation company is geared to long-term partnership with Customers and supplies a full package of translation services. In our work we engage the best specialists only: interpreters and translators, editors, proof-readers, page makers, designers and administrative managers. We create and develop education programs for interpreters and translators, raising their skill level. We look to every employee of our company to reveal his or her potential to the full and develop his or her abilities and professional skills. On a regular basis, our translation company conducts corporate trainings and training seminars, implements and uses innovative technologies, services and operating procedures to ensure the highest level of the service in the industry.

The system of order processing implemented at our translation company allows translating texts of any scope on a sufficiently tight schedule without a loss of quality.




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In March 2017, Business-Translation Company completed 140 orders, incl...



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