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Business Translation Company — Quality on Time!

Business Translation Company is one of the leading translation companies in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) that supplies a wide range of linguistic services: professional translation of texts, consecutive and accompanying interpretation, as well as many related services.

The system of order processing implemented at our translation company allows translating texts of any scope on a sufficiently tight schedule without loss of quality. Upon completion of the translation, each text is subject to a mandatory check by a staff proof-reader.

The best specialists of our translation company are ready to perform interpretation for you in business negotiations, court sessions, equipment installation, commissioning and many other events related to activities of your company.

Our translation company kindly offers you the following services:

  • Professional translation of documents, including:
    technical translation, commercial translation, medical translation,
    translation of web-sites and many other kinds of the translation.
  • Consecutive and accompanying interpretation.
  • Notarial certification of the documents translated.
  • Editorial check and translation by a native speaker.
  • Translation copywriting.
  • Text proof-reading.
  • Expert opinion on and check of the translation.
  • Desktop publishing and prepress of documents.
  • Printing of materials, inclusive of off-size printing.



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In April 2017, Business-Translation Company completed 124 orders, incl...



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